Heraldic Handkerchiefs

The Barony of Loch Salann’s Needleworker’s Guild decided to embroider drawn thread handkerchiefs for the lovely Baroness Amanda to distribute as largesse. I was responsible for embroidery the ones intended for the Queen of Artemisia at the time we began the project, HE Mistress Esther bat Baruch, and the Princess HRH Vigdis. In one corner an ermine spot (the symbol for the Barony) was to be embroidered with the arms of the intended recipient embroidered on the opposing corner. The handkerchiefs were a wonderful linen constructed by Mistress Bethoc. I used Splendor silk embroidery floss for all of the embroidery.

Esther’s hedgehog was especially fun to embroider.


All of the embroidery was completed using a chain stitch, a wonderful stitch to outline as well as fill in an area.

Vigdis’s ram really shows off how beautiful chain stitch can be.



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